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InputUnknown's News

Posted by InputUnknown - June 13th, 2012

This is an open letter to Newgrounds:

I was lucky enough to know from the time I could make scribbles with crayons, that I wanted to tell stories.

Eleven years ago I started coming to this site. The internet was fairly newish - I was still on dial up. Newgrounds was a place full of mischievous celebrity assassination games, stick figure fights, and experimental animations. I was in 6th grade and making animations on reams of post it notes or "flip books".

I was there as Newgrounds grew - creating an incredibly interactive community of people. I watched animations like Genryu's Blade, Xiao Xiao, and 8-bit DnD soar to the top of the charts here on NG. I watched as artists like Legendary Frog and PikanJo became kings of the portal and witnessed the first of animation collabs.

In 2003 I downloaded my first trial copy of Flash (flash 8 I think). I finally decided to start posting my path as an artist here on Newgrounds. This was my first account. I remember watching as the my first animation got over 1,000 views. An unreal feeling at the time.

I started growing up - high school changed every part of my life. I started to feel comfortable in my own skin. My art and focus began to develop. Newgrounds was changing. They redesigned the portal from the floor up - making it more accessible for the public to create a name of themselves. I made amends with a rival, that turned into my best friend and began an incredible journey in creation. I watched as the super stars of the old newgrounds stopped posting as much. Suddenly new celebrities like Adam Phillips and Egoraptor began gracing the portal with amazing new content. I made my new account and started a bigger project - a bigger hope at something new.

As I was growing, so was Newgrounds. Suddenly a site that was used for a young-man to posts his experiments with the program flash - became a living community of artists. The audio portal was born (along with A-Bot). Newgrounds branched out and created the sister company "The Behemoth" and produced a console version of Alien Hominid. I graduated high school - and watched as Newgrounds graduated to an even bigger league.

Animation, Games, Audio, Art, Writing, Forums, Collabs... So much change.

I started going to college - and found out the traditional path wasn't for me. I began working on animation and film as much as I could. As I worked on dozens of projects crewing, developing, writing, shooting, editing - I realized just how much I loved it all. The long hours - the grueling debates - the amazing moments when things finally click. All the while - Newgrounds orbiting the creative growth of my life.

And now - Newgrounds has changed again. A new look - new features - a new day and age.

Myself and a team of incredibly talented people have spent the last 10 months developing a live action web-series for Newgrounds. No doubt, a new venture for this ever-growing company.

Newgrounds: The Forsaken City

Two months ago we revealed our work to the public - and started a fundraiser to make this incredibly ambitious project into a reality. To our humble amazement - we have received an overwhelming positive reaction. Already with the help of almost 250 amazing individuals we have been able to raise over $12,000. But work of this professional quality is expensive (even with all of us donating our time without expense). We are down to the last 5 days of this project and have an $18,000 gap to cover. This is a project has the unique opportunity that could help push Newgrounds into the next era of creative media.

What happens if we don't make it? We haven't given up, but it's a reality that could happen. Going into The Forsaken City we decided to make a project the way it deserves to be made. Not half assing the production quality - not rigging together bubble-gum and duct tape to keep things cohesive. Without the means to create this epic - we don't want to fall short of the vision NG deserves. Does that mean it will never happen? No, we hope that one day - should this project not come to light - when we have the means to do it ourselves - TFC will live again.

But we don't want that. We know that this project has the chance to make it and we want to show you. So now I have a question. Can we do this? Can we come together as a community and get this thing out there? Can we let the internet know that Newgrounds is ready for the new age of online media? Can we raise the funds to make this project a reality and start something new here and now? And if you can't donate there are other ways to support the cause! It doesn't matter if you've never posted on Newgrounds before or if you have a fan following and a collection of daily first trophies you can help us by just raising awareness!

Thank you guys for reading this - and thank you all to have already given so much! Excited to come full circle on this journey towards something more. 5 more days.

We can do this.


A New Era for Newgrounds


Posted by InputUnknown - May 16th, 2012

Hey Newgrounds!

Been awhile since I posted on front page! But really excited to bring an update to Newgrounds: The Forsaken Cityand its progress! Since I'm on the subject - if anyone isn't up-to-date with what I'm talking about, myself and Winzra are working with a team of extremely talented artists to bring you guys alive-action web-seriesbased on Newgrounds characters!


So what's this mean? Well it means that we're asking for help from the community to raise funds! Already we have 100 backers, and have raised over $3300 dollars! Thanks everyone!

On top of that , we are about to enter the second half of the campaign where we step up content to the next level. This first month we've wanted to gauge interest on word-of-mouth as well as buzz created among the community - but now grab on to your seats, we'll be walking you through our creative progress as we come closer to our goal!

To launch this outreach - we just posted our first VIDEO UPDATE. We give you guys some insight into the story of the series, as well as tease at some of the upcoming video updates we have in store! Check that out in the updates section of the kickStarter!

Also as a bonus - anyone who donates has the opportunity to have a message included in our upcoming promo animation for The Forsaken City. Be it $1 or $500, donate and have your message included today!

Also - I know a lot of you guys have been asking for an alternate way to donate (we realize kickStarter isn't the easiest process to go through.) We are excited to announce we just step up the proxy PayPal account that you all can now donate towards. We will be using the same rules for the PayPal donations. You'll be getting the same perks, and your money will be locked into the payPal account until we reach our goal! To donate via payPal, follow this link!


Thank you guys for your continued support! Let us know what you guys wanna see more of for upcoming video updates! Also - be sure to donate and share with anyone you know! Spreading the word is the only way we'll get more people to check this thing out!

Hope you're all doing great thanks for reading!

Newgrounds: The Forsaken CIty Video Update

Posted by InputUnknown - October 7th, 2011

Hey guys! Check out this Batman Fan Film that I was Asst. Director on!

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xli2l 0_seeds-of-arkham_shortfilms#hp-sc-p-1



Posted by InputUnknown - October 20th, 2010

Hey everyone!

I'm very excited to let you know that Winzraand I are currently accepting immediate submissions for the position of game programmer. Our newest game is currently entering production, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Our current title is in the vein of Taito's Bust'a'Move:

/* */
So your level in programming should be able to exceed or match this type of game play.

You may ask, "Well Chase, how can I be a part?"


Our current requirements for prospective programmers are as follows!
You must be proficient with AS2 or AS3! Know your stuff!
~You must have experience - you don't need to have made Super Meat Boy (:P Congrats Edmund!) but we do need to see your skill.
~You MUST be time efficient. We don't want to have to get on you to get things moving. We are creators who work FAST PACED! Our passion is our lives and we want our passion to be YOUR passion! Great passion leads to great earnings, the better we do as a whole the more compensation we receive. And YES you're getting paid! $$$ Cha-Ching :P
~Lastly! When submitting please realize this isn't only a job opportunity, but a opportunity to become part of a longer lasting creative and business friendship! We expect you to treat it with the utmost professionalism and tact. DO NOT HESITATE TO IMPRESS US! We honor and respect talent when we see it! So please, make us remember you :)

Below is a small bit of promo art of our main character, Red! Great times are heading our way! Thank you guys for submitting and we can't wait to hear from you!

~Chase Langley

Accepting Submissions for Programmer!

Posted by InputUnknown - July 11th, 2010

Wowzah! What a GREAT robot day!

If you haven't checked it out, I participated in a collabfull of some of the FINEST artists Newgrounds has to offer. From audio to animation, you guys all made it great!

I gotta say thought, my FAVORITE ROBOT DAY SUBMISSION hands down goes to Titanomachina. Sakupen, thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of work!

In other news! My friendand I have some really exciting projects we hope to announce over the next month or so! Cannot wait to get those out to the public!

ALSO: What was everyone's favorite Robotday submissions? And who all is going to SAN DIEGO COMIC CON? Lets meet up fo' SUUUURE.



Posted by InputUnknown - May 2nd, 2010

Thanks to everyone who voted for us! If you haven't caught it, check out Pico Mart! If you liked the music you heard, check out the many different artists whom we pooled music from our very own audio portal!

Pico Day was AMAZING this year, don't you think? My favorites were Pico's Brother by RedHarvest, Hulaloo's Hunting to Piconjo, Darnell has a crush by Tystarr, and Pico PWNS by Pegosho!

The art contest turned our AMAZING as well. Dayum!

What were your guys favorite Pico Day shorts? Lemmie know below!


PS- Look out for some future projects now that we're back on the animation scene!

Posted by InputUnknown - November 1st, 2009

We almost made it...The flash that my and my partner in crime were working on for Halloween was stopped in its tracks when we no longer had a main voice actor!!! Grrr.... We'll release it still, its just a jam in our gears... Got lots of projects we're working on, check out the lineup here...

In other news me and my girl were Dorothy and the Scarecrow the for the Hall of WEEN...... What was everyone else?



Posted by InputUnknown - April 22nd, 2009

Hey NG... I'm Chase! I'm the animator on a new addition to the portal, Koden X.

Koden X is a series made by myself and co-creator Robert (NG s/n Winzra).

After years of planning, character developing, story structure, world design and history; our prized possession has finally incarnated into its fetal state.

Today we released Koden X Prologue Part 1.

Koden X follows the young man, Winzra, in his journey across a world unknown to him; relating to people not of his kin.

I want to thank you all for all of the positive as well as constructive feedback you've been leaving. I am so happy and blessed to see so many people enjoyed this first episode, and let me tell you it was quite a learning stage. Part 2 of the Prologue is already in works, and we are heading it off strong. This prologue only tips the Ice Burg that is the story of Koden, so I'm glad you all are excited for the road ahead.

Animating has proven to be quite a challenge in narrative form. I found myself particularly struggling with consistency in character form and review. While changing shots I tend to tweak the character's traits more and more each time, its rather frustrating. However, each new process is a growing period. I've learned so much and had so much fun animating part 1 I cannot wait to show you all whats in store for the next 3 parts of the Prologue! Let alone starting the actual main story line! :D

Newgrounds has been such a caring home to me for so long. I remember when it WAS simply celebrity assassination games back in 2000.... Ha.... Seems not at all too long ago when NG main competitor was Stick figure death theatre (www.sfdt.com) funny huh? :D

But here we are, posting our first true finished project here on Newgrounds and so happy to share it with you all.

Thank you for the warm welcome NG..... We won't let you down!


~Chase N. Langley
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